Saturday, July 07, 2012

Where the F Have We Been?

Not blogging, that's for sure.  The truth is, there hasn't been much going on since the 2/21/12 date of the last post to Milk & O's.  Let me think:

1) B turned 6 and played host to a birthday party for the ages at Tuttle's
2) A lost some more teeth.
3) The Froderkids were introduced to the fantastic world of Star Wars, and their obsession has slowly taken over our lives.  We knew keeping all those 1977 action figures would pay off someday, and Mr. Mom couldn't be a more proud father.
4) On a sad note, Mr. Mom lost his ongoing battle with the evil Captain Finance and the days of eating bon bons and watching Oprah are over.
5) B got in a fight with the coffee table and lost, so Mrs. Dad, in true fight doctor fashion, did some at-home superglue work above the left eye to stop the bleeding and pull everything back together.
6) Mr. Mom, Captain Finance, and Nightime Finance Consultant are trying to co-exist, thereby resulting is a serious case of schizophrenia.
7) A turned 8 and eleven of her besties joined her for roller skating at the Roller Garden
8) B&C rocked it at the Little Flowers Spring Program, and Mr. Mom particularly enjoyed their rendition of Sly & The Family Stone's Everyday People.
9) B graduated from Little Flowers Kindergarten and will now be joining A at Gatewood Elementary, thus leaving big C as our last baby at Little Flowers Montessori.
10) FroFamily, Inc. hired a nanny, hereafter to be referred to as Supernanny.
11) A&B caught the biggest sunfish I've ever seen over the Memorial Day weekend with uncle Fricke.
12) FroFamily, Inc. bought a sweet ride (aka a minivan) for Supernanny to use for this summer's logistics needs.
13) B got in a fight with a wall in Grandpa F's hayloft, but Mrs. Dad couldn't handle this one.  It required the big guns at the ER at Children's Hospital - Minneapolis.
14) Fastpitch is in full swing and Mr. Mom is giving Mrs. Dad the annual marriage test.
15) ABC have all really taken to swimming this summer, and all are signed up for swimming boot camp aka Foss
16) Mrs. Dad was caught cheating on Mr. Mom when she went on an overnight trip to Denver with the dashingly handsome Captain Finance.  She must really be attracted to balding, overweight, redheads in their late 30's.

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Dori said...

You're back and you're bad! Hooray!!!!